CMES Profile

Starting with only a few volunteers, the organization, now, employs about two thousand and five hundred competent personnel – a good part of them being teachers and technical experts in various aspects of its programmes. It has 25 Field Units in various parts of the country which comprise 25 Rural Technology Centres (RTC), 76 Advanced Basic Schools (ABS), 413 Basic Schools and many outreach centres for Gender Programme (GP). Some 20,000 students attend its education programme at a time, and the number of adolescent girls, boys, and youth participating in the extended version of AGP is more than 70,000. There are four Field Training Centres, a Central Training Centre and Several Special Laboratories to support the CMES programmes in addition to its Service Centre. The Core Project has been the main thrust of all CMES programmes and it is now being conducted with the fund assistance of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and  Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). Other development partners who currently support CMES through various projects are Unicef, Caritas Switzerland, Enfants Du Monde, PKSF and IDCOL.

CMES is working with an eye to the changing economic and technological horizon of the country. Many of the changes have their implications and effects even in the remote rural areas. CMES is striving to create an appropriate human resource there, to take advantage of the positive effects of the global changes. These include changes brought forth by the new trends in technology and the process of globalization, while minimizing their negative effects on the poorest section of the society.