History of CMES

CMES has evolved through various activities towards the goal that was shaped its founder Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim’s dream of taking science practically to the mass people. Prof. Ibrahim was enthusiastic about finding out ways to reap benefits of science to mass people. In his high school days, he used to organize people-oriented exhibitions of science displaying various models and homemade instruments. He started to publish a popular science monthly for young people soon after in 1960, a journal which is still being regularly published all along these years under his editorship. This journal initiated many active programmes and movements like ‘Know your village’, ‘Know your country,’ ‘Do it yourself’, ‘Bring Science home in your life’ etc. Many branches of its Science Club were created throughout the country.

Dr. Ibrahim, by then an Associate Professor of Physics in the University of Dhaka, felt that the task on hand needs an activist organization to take up the challenge in the real life in a professional manner. Today’s CMES was the result of that realization. CMES was established in 1978 and was registered under the Society’s Act as an NGO.

More than three decades of development has enabled CMES to add new approaches and new achievements in the field of education, appropriate technology, gender, and empowerment of youth. It has taken steps to disseminate its experiences and achievements and to replicate the efforts in various circumstances. Thousands of young men and women have benefited as educated, skilled and empowered persons over the years. Dr. Ibrahim has led the organization all these years as Executive Director and later as Chairman of CMES. He and CMES have earned many honors and awards for its works. Hassan Banu a longtime Project Coordinator of CMES has been the Executive Director since 2008.