Project brief

Name of Project: Basic School System and Adolescent Girls’ Programme: Modular second chance education with livelihood skills and gender empowerment. 

Project Brief: CMES focuses its attention on the disadvantaged rural adolescents and youth, arranging an appropriate education for those who are never enrolled or have dropped out of schools through this project. The result has been evolution of the Basic School System (BSS) with an integrated approach emphasizing livelihood skills and gender empowerment. The latter aspect has been further enhanced by the start of the adolescent girls program (AGP) in 1991. BSS and AGP form the main thrust of the CMES program, and this project is regarded as the Core Project comprising the large part of CMES’s activities.

Development Partners: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)  and  Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Name of Project: 
Basic School System and Gender Empowerment Program for the rural disadvantaged children and adolescents to create Young Social Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Development (YSES) 

Project Brief: YSES project is implemented to provide alternative and diverse options and sustainable development in harmony with the enhancement of quality of life and livelihood of the disadvantaged adolescents and young people. The major aim is to create environment conscious graduates who can earn a living in eco-friendly activities as social entrepreneurs.

Development Partner: Caritas Switzerland (CS)

Name of Project:
 Effective Education through the Adaptation of Pedagogy of Text (PoT) to the Basic School System and Adolescent Girls Program leading towards empowerment of the disadvantaged young people.

Project Brief:The PoT project of Ghontagor passed through its first phase (2009-2012) and contributed successfully for quality education of the targeted group. From the inspiration of the 1st phase, CMES started its 2nd phase in 1st January 2013 which will take its innovative pedagogic methods to some existing units in other projects improving the participatory approach to education.

Development Partner: Enfants Du Monde (EDM)

Name of Project: 
Adolescent Empowerment through Social Norm Change

Project Brief: In 2012 CMES successfully completed third phase of ‘Adolescent Girls’ project launched in partnership with UNICEF started a decade back in 2001 with a view to empowering adolescents by creating congenial environment for their healthy social and mental development and joyful life. 

Development Partner: Unicef, Bangladesh

Name of Project: 
Horage Scholarship for the disadvantaged students of CMES Bangladesh

Project Brief: To support underprivileged adolescents who want to pursue further studies CMES, with support from Horage, a reputed Swiss watch manufacturer, is providing financial assistance to buttress their dream of higher education. CMES has selected 95 graduates from most promising needy students from its Basic School System (BSS), who are trying to pursue higher education in high schools and colleges in spite of their severe disadvantages. 

Development Partner: HORAGE Foundation, Switzerland

Name of Project: 
Micro Credit Programme (under microfinance scheme of PKSF)

Project Brief:CMES separated credit support activities from AGP business and started  independent  micro credit program in 1992. It allows CMES graduates to receive a microcredit to start new business or expand their business where loans are to be returned in small installments. The main goal is to make them successful entrepreneurs breaking out all the hurdles and burdens of poverty. 

Development Partner: Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

Name of Project: 
Rural Electrification Renewable Energy Development Project

Project Brief:CMES started solar program with soft loans from Infrastructure Develop Company Limited in 2003 for the off grid areas. The program has electrified rural homes of non-grid area in 23 districts with 19 program centres and 3 program sub-centers under agreement with the Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (IDCOL) since 2003.

Development Partner: Infrastructure Develop Company Limited (IDCOL)