CMES publications and Audiovisuals 

Popular Science Monthly
(The Biggan Samaeeki)
Biggan Samaeeki- The popular monthly Science Magazine has been the message bearer of CMES. The founder of CMES, Muhammad Ibrahim started the monthly as its editor and publisher, years back in his college days. The name literally means ‘A Periodical on Science’. This had been the first of its kind in the country. Though started as an amateur attempt by the youth and for the youth, the journal got a recognition and appreciation soon not only from its rapidly growing readership, but also from the professional scientists.

Over the years, the periodical gave rise to many active programmes towards bringing science and technology to the thoughts and actions of the common people. Also it could create a style of its own and gave confidence to the proponents of the use of Bangla language for writing on scientific topics. It contributed in creating science writers and journalists in the country, in developing and standardizing easy scientific terms and expressions in Bangla, and in correlating the issues concerning the day to day life-struggle of the common folk with the activities in science and technology. Later, it took up more activist programmes and became the vehicle of a vibrant Science Club Movement among young people. It took the programme to the grass-root level and became instrumental in the creation of Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES) in 1978.

Information about regular CMES publications.

The monthly Biggyan Samoeeki
Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim

Published by Centre for Mass Education in Science
823 # Road # 19(Old), Dhanmondi R/A
Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh.
Price: Bangladesh Tk.15.
Yearly Subscription Bangladesh Tk. 250 including postage.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim

Published by Centre for Mass Education in Science
823 # Road # 19(Old), Dhanmondi R/A
Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh.
Price: Bangladesh Tk.25.
Yearly Subscription Bangladesh Tk.150 including postage. 

Angkur Bikash
Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim

Published by Centre for Mass Education in Science
823 # Road # 19(Old), Dhanmondi R/A
Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh.
Price: Bangladesh Tk.15.
Yearly Subscription Bangladesh Tk. 180 including postage.

CMES Publications and Resources
a) Books of CMES 

No. Education Series Price (Tk.)
1 Bangla Angkur (Bengali Angkur) 10
2 Lekhapora Khela (Educational Games) 30
3 Chobi O Shobder Shahajje Lekhapora (Education through Picture and Sound) 10
4 Chobir Shahajje Ponero Poddhoti – Angkur-Bikash (15 Methods through Pictures – Angkur-Bikash) 15
5 Kajer Gonit (Effective Mathematics) 50
6 Pach Minuter Kaj (5 Minutes Activities) 50
7 Moulik Biddaloy Bebostha – Shikkhok Shohayika (Teachers Guidebook – Basic School System) 100
8 Shikkhok Shohayika – Kishori Kormoshuchi (Teachers Guidebook – Adolescent Girls Programme) 100
9 Moulik Biddaloy Bebostha (Basic School System) 60
10 A Strategy for a Sustainable Basic School 100
11 Karjokor Moulik Shikkha Shokkhomota Shohayika (CEBE Guide Book) 20
12 Shikkhok Shohayika (Teachers Guide-book) 50
13 Activity Based Curriculum Syllabus 30
14  Basic School System (Booklet) Not for sale
15 Prakritik Durjoag Babosthapona 35
Technology Series
1 Moulik Projukti Bidda (Basic Technology Education) 20
2 Bigganer Shathe Porichoy (Introduction to Science) 25
3 Kecho Compost (Vermicompost) 30
4 Nurseryte Chara Utpadon (Sapling Nursery) 30
5 Oyster Mushroom Utpadon (Oyster Mushroom Production) 35
6 Shohoj Photography (Easy Photography) 40
7 Digital Photography 30
8 Murgi Palon (Poultry) 25
9 Carpentry Shikkha (Carpentry Education) 30
10 Shohoj Engine and Automobile Projukti (Easy Engine and Automobile Technology) 30
11 Welding Porichiti (Introduction to Welding) 30
12 Mombati Toyri Shaban Toyri (Candle and Soap Making) 25
13 Tie-dye Batik (Tie Dye) 25
14 Bebosha Hishabe Khaddo Prokriakoron (Food Processing Business) 50
15 Reshom Chash (Sericulture) 25
16 Shohoj Shasthosheba (Easy Healthcare) 40
17 Souro-kirone Pani Bishuddhikoron (Solar-water Purification) 15
18 Shurjer Alo Theke Biddut (Electricity from Sunlight) 50
19 Peoples Science Initiative 10
20 Shohoj Photography (Easy Photography) 30
21 Digital Photography 35
Gender Series
1 Gender Source Book (3 Volumes) 195
2 Khelar Bhongite Jibon Dokkhota (Life Skill through Playing) 30
3 Kishori Shokti – Khomotayito Kishorider Attokotha (Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment – Biography of Empowered Adolescent Girls) 80
4 Kishori Shoktir Prokashona Utshob (Publication Ceremony of Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment) 50
5 Adolescent Girls Power 80
6 Adolescent Girls 30
7 Adolescent’s Girls Programme 50
8 Gathering Courage 100
9 Aye Chelera Aye Meyera (Come Boys, Come Girls) 15
10 Kishori (Adolescent Girls) 30
11 Beboshayi Hote Hole (To Become a Business Person) 75
12 Kishori Kormoshuchi Shomprosharon (Dissemination of Adolescents Girls Programme) 60
13  Adolescent Girls Programme (Booklet)  
14 CMES Kishori Kormoshuchi Ayein Shohaik book A law hand book for Adolescent Girls’ Programme 200
15 Kishori Kobita (Poems of adolescent girls) 100
16 Kishori Khamotaion ar Chabikathi (Adolescent Girls- The key to empowerment) Not for sale
17 Projukti Dakkatioi Khomotayito Kishori 100
18 Brochure: For economic Empowerment Technology Training and Business Not for sale
Environmental Science
1 Dangae Jole Hawae Chole (Moving on Land, Water and Air) 20
2 O Amar Desher Mati (Oh, the Soil of My Land) 20
3 Aye Brishti Jhepe (Here Comes the Rain) 20
4 Pani – Jake Jibon Bole Jani (Water that is the Life) 20
5 Shobujer Shathe Mitali (Friendship with Greens) 20
6 Dhono Dhanne (The Rice, the Wealth) 20
7 Fuler Jonno Bhalobasha (Love for Flowers) 20
8 Bone Jongole (In the Jungles) 20
9 Macher Mela (The Fish Festival) 20
10 Full package of above mentioned books 180
11 Paribesh Songkot: Organic Krishi O Teksoi Unnoyon (Environmental Crisis: Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Development) 200
12 Brochure: Spirulina: Bangla and English Not for sale
Country, Environment and Technology Series
1 Desh, Poribes and Projukti-Part 1
(Country, Environmental and Technology- Part 1
2 Desh, Poribes and Projukti-Part 2
(Country, Environmental and Technology- Part 2
3 Desh, Poribes and Projukti-Part 3
(Country, Environmental and Technology- Part 3


Research Series
1 Gobeshona Amrao Korte Pari (We Can Also Do Research) 50
2 Research: We Can Do It Too 30
3 Action Research on Internship in Real Life Enterprise (IRE) 50
Books on Song
1 Gono-biggan Uddog (Initiative for Mass Science) 10
2 Anondo Shikkha (Joy Education)- Also Audio Cassette 20
3 Sur Kollol 30
1 Amader Kormoshuchi (Our Programme) 20
2 Nutun Drishtite CMES (CMES in a New Perspective) 20
3 Amader Lekha Boi (Books Written by Us) 25
4 Unit Boi (Unit Book) 80
5 CMES er Pochish Bochor (25 Years of CMES) 50
6 CMES er Pochish Bochor abong Secchashebi Karjokromer Orjon o Gontobbo (25 years of CMES and the Achievement and Destination of NGO Efforts) 30
7 Notun Dharae CMES (New Paradigm of CMES) 25
8 Netritto Jodi Dite Chay (If I Wish to be a Leader) 30
9 Bondhu Neta (Peer Leader) 30
1 Changing the Lives of the Brick Chipper Adolescents of the City of Dhaka 40
2 Action Research on Brick Chipper 50
3 The Brick Chipper Children Who Dared to Dream 120
4 Organic Krishi Tekshoi Unnoyon (Sustainable Development through Organic Agriculture) 200
5 Bebosthaponay Ja Jana Bhalo (What You Should Know About Management) 50
6 Biggan Porikkhon Kit (Scientific Experimental Kit) 50
7 Basic Technology Kit Box 4000
8 Amar Lab (My Lab) 50

 b) Magazines of CMES 

No Magazines price (Tk.)
1 Biggan Samoeekee (Monthly Science Magazine) 20
2 Angkur Bikash (Monthly magazine for new literates) 15
3 Kishori (Bimonthly Adolescent Girls’ Magazine) 25