Mission and Vission

CMES  Mission and Vision
Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES) was established to arrange an appropriate and effective mass education for the common people encouraging their thoughts and actions in science & technology. This should help to create appropriate human resource needed for development of the country with particular emphasis on inclusion of the disadvantaged.

The objectives of the CMES programmes are:

  • To provide alternative and second chance education for disadvantaged and school dropouts.
  • To provide technical skill training for the disadvantaged and dropout adolescents so that they practice these at market level, earning while learning.
  • To empower adolescents, especially adolescent girls to create gender equity and to enable them to assert their rights including decision-making and economic self-reliance towards a healthy social development.
  • To adapt appropriate technologies mainly towards their commercial application, for the improvement of the life and livelihood of the disadvantaged target group.